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Peggy Farren talks with fine art photographer Karen Shulman.  Karen tells us about her journey into the world of art galleries and representation. Thanks for tuning into episode #88 of The Understand Photography Show!


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Understand Photography General Notes


How to Approach an Art Gallery with your Fine Art Photography

Episode 88 with Karen Shulman


About Karen

She recently started into photography.

She took many classes and workshops to improve her skills.

She upgraded her camera from an original “point-and-shoot” to a Canon Rebel and finally to a Canon 5D Mark II.


The most important course she took was a 12 week Atelier workshop (12 photographers + instructor).  The goal of the course was to create a concise portfolio of your work, a website, a biography and an artist’s statement.

This class helped to define a “style” and “look” to your collection.


              “Allow your creative juices to direct you.  Go where your passion is leading you.”


Contact your local Art Association.

  • Education
  • Connections
  • Opportunities
  • Publicity
  • Contacts


For any showing, create your “Gallery Cards” – showcase a picture of your work on the front and tell YOUR story on the back…the REAL you – don’t create general paragraphs of information, make it interesting.  Tell your art/design background.  It’s important for the client to connect YOU to the art.


Advice once received about a self-taught artist attending formal art schools:

            “Stay with your creative side.  You will develop your technique, your style – too often schools can pigeon-hole you and squelch your creative side.”


Things to ask yourself as an artist:

  • What is your style?
  • What is your passion?
  • Don’t ask yourself ‘What will sell?’ – it will cloud your creativity.


Things you need to understand:

  • There will be frustration.
  • You need to make a financial commitment.
  • You need to find a great printer.
    • Galleries may want your work printed in large sizes with a specific finish.
    • Talk to printers.  Read reviews of their work.  Send them an image and ask questions – “Can you do it this way?”


To frame or not?

A frame can dictate the style of the piece – as well as the placement.

If the piece remains unframed, it can be placed in ANY room, regardless of style.  This creates a larger market for your images.


Other tips:

Be open to having your work critiqued.

Donate your work to charitable causes.  (Be careful not to OVERDONATE – your work is worth something!)

Submit your work to art magazines.   “Keep throwing it out there!”


Upcoming events for Karen:

Featured as “Artist of the Month” for September in 2 big magazines (45,000 distribution)

  • East Coast Home (CT, NJ, NY)
  • Gulf Coast Design & Decor (FL)


Finding Karen

Website – KShulman.com

Facebook –Karen Shulman

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