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In this Tuesday Photo Quick Tip, Joe Fitzpatick will teach you how to add a POP to the eyes using Lightroom!

·        In the Develop Module zoom in on eyes by left clicking on the bridge of the nose

·        Select the local adjustment brush

·        Set FEATHER to 20, FLOW to 100, and DENSITY to 100

·        Zero sliders by clicking on EFFECT

·        Tap the “o” key to turn on the overlay

·        Paint the iris

·        Turn off the overlay by tapping the “o” key

·        Add some exposure, saturation, and clarity

·        Click on NEW

·        Repeat the procedure on the pupils, darkening them with negative exposure

·        Click on NEW

·        Repeat the procedure on the outer edge of the pupils, darkening them with negative exposure

·        Click on NEW

·        Repeat the procedure on the whites of the eye, brightening them with positive exposure and negative saturation.  CAUTION: It easy to overdo this step

·        Click on NEW

·        Repeat the procedure on the entire eye including eyelashes adding a small amount of clarity

·        Click on DONE

·        Check the before and after view to make sure you have not overdone things. 

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Gear Recommendation of the Week
Nifty Fifty Lens

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