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Peggy Farren interviews photographer Mindy Towns.  Mindy talks to us about opportunities in our own community and beyond for using your camera to give back and help others.

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“You have to set yourself apart from other photographers.”

About Mindy
– got into hobby photography with her children
– started collecting “good gear” after a trip to Panama
– joined Lakewood Ranch Camera Club, Sarasota – eventually became president of the club
consistent, good leadership, great opportunities for learning

    “Every time I learn something new, it becomes my favorite.”

– Learned posing from Sue Brice
– Inspired by composites of Kirk Marsh

    “I can be my own model.  I don’t have to teach someone.  I can do what I want.”

– loves telling stories with her pictures

Volunteer Project Opportunities
– Local Event Photography, local newspapers
         – important to capture individual expressions as well as wide, all-encompassing shots
         – tell the story from the time the event starts until it ends
         – know everything that is happening at the event so that you can plan where you need to be
– HeartSpeak – animal shelter
– Missing In America Project – unclaimed remains/ashes of fallen soldiers (Sarasota National Cemetery)
– SunCoast Children’s Charities
– Heart Gallery – children in foster system
– Lakewood Ranch community activities

Panama Project
– government project to help 500 kids in rural mountains
– school principal handpicked 10 students, ages 10-15 to participate in photo project
       – all given a disposable camera (24 exp.)
       – told to take pics of what was important to them
       – 3 required shots:  where they sleep, where they eat, where they get water
– project raised awareness and funded new teacher dormitories


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