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Gary Roche is a nature photographer who has had incredible success in the photography industry within only two years. In this episode, Gary Roche tells us about how he was able to be featured in local notable magazines. He gives advice on how to approach magazine editors and how to get noticed by them. He also talks about how Instagram and Facebook are equally beneficial platforms in terms of building up your audience.

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Get your Photography Published in Magazines

with Gary Roche

About Gary

“The lens changed my life.  I had put it on the back burner for 20 years and finally decided to just go for it.  It gave me all the pictures I had always wanted to get.”

  • Published in a high-end magazine (Gulf Shore Life) after just 6 months shooting with his new lens. He has since been published 6 more times.
  • Spends at least 300 days/year shooting both before and after work.
  • Taught himself to shoot in manual by watching YouTube videos and learning from his mistakes.

    “Look at your feedback from your picture.  What were your settings?  What should you change for next time?”

  • Sitting in the water allowed him to get closer and observe more behavior than if he had been standing with a tripod on the beach.


Getting Published

  • Look in the magazine in which you’d like to be published and find the editor.
  • Email them. Ask them to direct you to the right person.
  • Introduce yourself and send a link to your work.
                    – Use Google Folders.  They can be shared and updated easily.

                – Add a few sentences about each image.  They are more likely to choose an image with accompanying type; it makes their job easier.
                – Keep in touch.  Send another email every time you update your folder.

  • Editors change frequently. When a new person takes over, send another email.

“Don’t be afraid of the consequences.  If it’s good, it’s good. 
If it’s not so good, just keep shooting.”

  • It may take several months for a response, don’t get discouraged.

Social Media

  • Post daily to Instagram with the option to automatically copy the post the Facebook.
  • Look at your feedback and try to post at a time when you get the most hits.

“You have to try to get past your own psychological barriers and get yourself out there.  People need to know you.”

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Gary Roche Great Egret Gathering
Gary Roche Iridescence
Gary Roche Bald Eagles
Gary Roche Owl portrait
Gary Roche Osprey Over the Water

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