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Episode 62 Getting the Best Prints with Marilu Holmes

About Marilu
– Owner G & H Printing
– Worked as a commercial photo-editor in Manhattan when digital was new
– 2004 started G & H Printing (Gutierrez & Holmes) in Naples, FL

Pros and Cons of Printing at Home
+ no waiting (instant)
+ cheaper for small prints (8×10 or smaller)

– inkjet printers clog easily if not used on a daily basis
– color matching is difficult – you may need to run multiple proofs to adjust the colors to what you want
– “banding” – lines across the print caused by small dust particles in the print head
– cleaning cycle does not always get rid of the dust, and it uses a lot of ink

Printer companies make their money on ink.  If your printer isn’t functioning properly, chances are high that it should just be replaced instead of serviced – models are updated frequently.

You need to justify the expense of ink and paper with the volume being printed.

** IF you do print at home, match the manufacturer of the printer and the PAPER for best results. **

2 Ways to Outsource Your Printing
– For small prints (8×10 and smaller) – places like Costco, Walmart, etc. print with light on photosensitive paper (not inkjet).
– For larger prints, inkjet – allows use of many different materials.

G&H has 5 basic materials/products
– Luster Photopaper
– Watercolor Paper (2 textures)
– Canvas
– Decor Canvas (cheaper, lighter, different kind of ink)
– Aluminum Panels

Color Calibration
– Profile:  digital information for color embedded within the photo file
– SRGB:  smallest number of colors, works well for screens (websites, camera LCD)
– RAW:  you have control of the profile in Lightroom/Photoshop
– Color Management – info is lost when converting to JPEG
– CMYK:  strictly for printing, 4 basic colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), updated printers now have 3-4 versions of each color (lighter/darker) for more variability

Calibrating Your Equipment
– Densitometer (GandHPrinting.com

G & H Printing
1440 Rail Head Blvd.           Hours by appointment only
Naples, FL 34110
(239) 430-6281
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