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Picture Keeper Connect Review

Please note we are now an affiliate for this product because I love it!  If you purchase through my link, the price is the same to you (or less – keep reading), and I will receive a small commission.

I found this device for getting photos off the iphone or Droid easily!  I don’t have a Droid, but Apple makes it tough to empty the iCloud (see article here on how to do that) and then to be sure your photos and data are backed up to your main computer. 

I keep all of my iphone photos in Dropbox for now, although I am researching other backup companies.  Stay tuned for an article on that coming soon!

Click HERE to check out Picture Keeper Connect.  It’s incredibly easy to use!
If you decide to purchase, use coupon code: UP20 for a 20% discount!!  Woo hoo!
Here are the simple steps.  Picture Keeper Connect will walk you through this.

1.  Download the app on to your phone.
2.  Plug the Picture Keeper Connect into the bottom of your phone.picture keeper start backup 3.  Press START BACKUP
4.  You can back up everything (recommended) or choose just what you’d like to back up.
5.  The back up to the Picture Keeper Connect will begin.  A really nice feature about this little gadget is that it will not back up the same photos so you won’t have duplicates.
6.  Then you can instantly delete the data/photos from your phone from this app to free up space.   It’s a huge benefit for us iPhone users!  Apple sure doesn’t make it easy.
7.  Once the back up is complete, plug the USB end of the Picture Keeper into your computer and follow the prompts to save the back up data and photos on to your Windows or Apple computer.  We’ll talk about where to store them on your computer in an upcoming blog post.

A nice bonus is that you can create albums, greeting cards, and prints right from this app!


Click HERE to check out Picture Keeper Connect.  It’s incredibly easy to use!
Don’t forget to use coupon code UP20 for a 20% discount!


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  1. Beth

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beth

    Can this be used with Samsung Android?

    • Peggy Farren

      Yes! Just be sure to buy the one that says for Android.



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