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Understand Photography General Notes

Upcoming Trips:
Women’s Photography Weekend, Naples, FL – June 23-25
Women’s Photography Weekend, Naples. FL – July 21-23
Women’s Photography Weekend, Naples, FL – Sept 15-17

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Show Notes for Episode #36:Hunt’s Photo and Video ft. Gary Farber
“A show is successful, not if I make a profit, but if I get a repeat customer.”

Episode 36: Hunt’s Photo and Video, Where the Customer is the Priority ft. Gary Farber

Hunt’s was originally established as a pharmacy in 1889 and remains a family-owned business.

“Support your local camera store. In this day and age it’s extremely important.”

Differences in Photography Industry in Past 15 Years
Biggest change was the explosion of digital – making it easier for everyone to become a photographer.
Film Cameras: progressed from Point & Shoot: SLRs
Digital Cameras: progressed from Point & Shoot: Compact Point & Shoot: D300s and SLRs: more high end cameras
Film is still used by some, and is required by some college photography programs.
Death of Point & Shoots came with the cell phone camera
Digital camera sales dropped 40% in one year
Now sell accessories for iPhones for photography

Best Business Practices
Diversify – cannot survive on retail business alone
Partner with Schools, Law Enforcement
Ebay, Amazon, Social Media
Offer Classes, Photowalks, Speakers
Attend Photography Conferences
Contacts each speaker prior to conference for information on what equipment they will be featuring – then makes sure he has those specific pieces available on-site at the conference.

Best Selling Gadgets
Wimberley Plamps Tripods ColorChecker Passport LED Lights
Telephoto Lenses – Tamron 150-600 & Sigma 150-600 (Contemporary or Sport models)

“Where’s Gary?”
Newsletter for Events
Travel to 35 -40 Trade Shows per Year
Focuses on smaller, specialty shows with approx. 150 people in attendance
Looks for shows featuring good speakers and plenty of vendor time
Wants to meet everyone in attendance and make a connection, the connection makes the service and sale more personal and the customers more loyal

Best Trade Shows

Birding: Bosque-Del-Apache, NM – Festival of the Cranes – November – 10,000 Sandhill Cranes
Orlando, FL – Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival – January
St. Augustine, FL – Birding Fest – April
Galveston, TX – Featherfest and Nature Photofest – April

Portrait/Wedding: PPA and smaller state-run shows
Unfortunately a dwindling business, expensive to participate, not good turnout

Camera Clubs/Camera Club Councils:
Florida (FCCC) New England (NECCC) Michigan(SWMCCC) Gulf States CCC
Washington (NWCCC) Minnesota/Twin Cities (TCACCC)

Specialty Shows:
Southbridge, MA – Creative Photography – May
Chicago, IL – Out of Chicago with Chris Smith – June
Cleveland, OH – Mike Moats Macro Photo – October
Acadia NP, ME – Out of Acadia – October
Buffalo, NY – Can-Am Photo Festival – April

Advice for Hobbyist
Choose your camera based on budget and the type of photography you will use it for (nature/travel)
For Travel Photographers that want a lightweight camera:
MILCs that allow lens changes for more variety: Fuji XD2, Panasonic G85, or Olympus OMD


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