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Show Notes for Episode #45: From Sand to Snow, Photographing Wildlife with Mary Goetzinger

About Mary
Nature photographer specializing in birds and wildlife.
Started playing with photography as part of high school yearbook club.
Started shooting birds with a Nikon in 2010.

Favorite weekend shooting spots
 – Ft. Myers beach – Least Terns, Snowy Plovers, Wilson’s Plovers
 – Little Estero lagoon
 – Bowditch point
 – Keys (good for landscapes and iguana pictures)
 – North Cape Coral, Festival Park – bald eagle, great horned owls, scrub jays

How to find hatchlings
 – Friends share info about locations as well as Audubon Society
 – April/May – time for burrowing owl chicks
 – May/June – time for shorebird chicks
        *Use a short tripod (12”) or a skimmer pod to keep the camera close to the ground for a better angle for hatchlings. Be patient! You may have to lay flat on the sand for 30 minutes for the chicks to return to the nesting site after their initial scare of you wandering in.

Favorite wildlife photography trips
– Smoky Mountains/ Cade’s Cove
– Northern Minnesota – black bears with Bill Lea (see interview 
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