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30 Unique Gifts for Photographers

No  more  worries  about  what  to  buy  for  your  favorite  photographer!   We’ve  compiled  a  list  of  photography  products and services with  a  range  of  price  points.    This  list  includes  products  for  professional  photographers,  hobbyists  and  even  cell  phone  photographers!

Essential Tips For Travel Photography

This free report will help you choose the right cameras, lenses and accessories for your travels. You’ll need different equipment depending on where you are going, your finances, and the weight of the gear.

What Camera Should I Buy

With so many cameras on the market, it’s completely confusing as to which one to buy. In this very short video, Peggy Farren will reveal the best camera for a budding photographer.

What You Need to Learn to Become a Solid Photographer

Peggy Farren will help you put together a plan of action on exactly what you’ll need to know and learn for a strong foundation in photography.

How To Get Tack Sharp Images Every Time

Get the pro tips on how to get tack sharp images every time, including what equipment to use, what settings and more

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