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“Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography”.   These are our four basic classes, given weekly.   We will cover all the important basics of photography in four short weeks.   Of course, this is not all there is to learn, but your photography will improve by leaps and bounds by having a clear understanding of exposure, composition, flash, metering and white balance!!

This is an interactive online course.  I believe it’s time to rerecord the classes to update them with the newer cameras.  I will record them live from 2-4 pm EDT on Wednesdays starting August 12, 2020.

These are our tried and true workshops – tweaked by lots of student and teacher evaluations and input over the years. 

Most people think they need to learn their camera when what they really need to learn is photography AND their camera.  We teach both at the same time.  What good will it do to know how to change your ISO if you don’t understand what it does?  Or to understand what ISO does but not know how to change it on your camera?  You need both.

Shoot in Manual – This is the first class you should take when you purchase a professional or entry-level pro-camera.  We’ll get you shooting in the manual setting in two hours!

Composition – The Most Important Class you’ll take to Improve Your Photography!   Learn where your eye naturally goes and how to use leading lines and power points to make a more pleasing image.   The composition rules (guidelines) are scientifically studied.  It’s up to you whether to abide by them, but you’ll make educated decisions after this class.

Lighting Essentials including Flash Basics –  The word photography literally means “writing with light”.  Learn to see where the light is coming from.  Learn to control the light.  Learn to use both natural and artificial lighting.  There are many cases where you will NEED to use flash (think about a sunset portrait).  You’ll learn to balance the flash for the most natural look.

The Techie Stuff – Metering Modes, White Balance, Drive Modes, Focal point, focus modes and more!  We do our best to make the technical stuff easy to understand!

You will have about 30 minutes of homework five days per week, with two days off to catch up or practice.  The more you participate and interact with the other students and your instructor, the more you will get out of the class!

Registration is on our Teachable site:  https://understand-photography.teachable.com/

$297 for all four weeks.  You keep the course “for life*” so you can review it over and over if you need it.  Use coupon code LiveAugust12 for a 25% discount – making this LIVE course only $222.75.  That’s less than $57 per class!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience the class live!  

*For the life of our business!  🙂


Jackie Kramer
Jackie Kramer
Jackie Kramer Caterpillar
Canon camera DSLR
What You Need to Know in Photography – Exposure
Jackie Kramer Golden Roses
Jackie Kramer Golden Roses
Cape Romano Peggy Farren
What You Need to Know in Photography – Exposure

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