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In woodland photography it’s tough to not only find a subject, but to make that subject stand out and make an impact.  In episode 190 of the Understand Photography Show, Zach Nichols shares some very specific tips on creative compositions within the forest.

Episode 190

Forest Photography tips – Finding Impactful Compositions

In woodland photography, it’s tough to not only find a subject but to make that subject stand out and make an impact.

Zach Nichols shares some very specific tips on creative compositions within the forest. Scroll to the bottom to see some of Zach’s photographs.


Show notes:

How do you make your subject stand out when there is so much busyness in a wooded area?  Zach Nichols is a professional photographer based in Spokane, Washington who will give us great tips on how to create high-impact photographs in the woods.

  • Start with the grand scheme – a wide shot – and work your way to the small details
  • Look for shapes
  • Change your angle. Shoot high, low
  • Framing – find frames or create the by shooting through things and blurring them
  • Vary horizontal and vertical shots
  • Try a shallow depth of field to bring attention to your subject
  • Expose to the right to get the most detail in the image (for more on this watch Episode 139 with Satesh Ramjattan).
  • In editing; warm colors attract the eye. Change the color slightly to make the subject warmer and the background cooler.
  • In editing; Use the clarity tool to sharpen the subject and soften the background.
  • In editing; Use a vignette to bring your attention to the middle of the photograph.
  • In editing; bring out the shadows to bring more detail in the photo.
  • Drone tip: Use Google Earth to scout before you go.   Stay legal!


Zach Nichols is a professional wedding and landscape photographer based in Spokane, Washington.  



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Sunset clouds over sawgrass wetlands in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles on Poipu Beach in Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Chuck Haney Little-Mo-River
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Chuck Haney TR Wildlife

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