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Show Notes for Episode 20: Florida Landscape Photography ft. Joey Waves

Joey created a beautiful limited edition pictoral book entitled Marco Island and the Everglades.

He also has a graphic design company, Island Graphics Print & Media Company.

The Everglades landscape is entirely different between the summer and winter.

Joey maps his adventures with Google Earth and seeks out interesting tree formations.

Joey started out as a grafitti artist which led him into graphic design. When he first embarked on his photography journey, he started out with sunsets, then became enthralled with wave photography (where he got his claim to fame and his nickname), and then surfers and lighthouses.

Peggy shot an instructional video with Aquamedia called

Joey mentioned that he uses GoPro cameras.

When he transitioned to landscape photography, he started exploring the Everglades. He was inspired by

Gator Hook is his favorite spot in the Everglades.

As for the business aspect of his art: Joey offers his photography for sale on any medium on his website, as well as his book — and there are just 500 left!

Skunkape Headquarters – Big Cypress Trail Lakes Campground

Joey participated in an adventure for Gabe Lavan from the Make a Wish Foundation, and the video can be found on the Big Cypress National Preserve Facebook.

Here is some of the equipment that Joey uses and recommends:

Cottonmouths are pretty scary but they don’t jump on you; as long as you don’t step on them, you should be alright.

When you’re at the Big Cypress National Preserve, be sure to check out the East Main Tram near the Fakahatchee Hilton.

Just in case Joey wants a shot to be in HDR, he shoots his photos in brackets: 1 overexposed, 1 underexposed, and one metered at zero. He also typically uses the middle exposure and enhances photos in Lightroom.


Joey also has used Photomatix.

Joey’s editing process: He goes out and takes photos relatively quickly, for maybe 1-2 hours, and gets around 20-30 pictures. Then he goes home to work on them.

Especially for sunrise and those colors — if you’re not happy with that first composition, move around and get another one.
– Joey Waves

When processing photos, Joey uses Lightroom as his go-to editing software; he says he may use a little Photoshop after but primarily Lightroom.

Sony cameras have apps built into them; that’s how he gets his long exposures. You download the app, then you load it on the back of the camera and click the shutter! He highly recommends Sony cameras, and mentions that some of the many benefits are that they are mirrorless, they have the app capability, they’re lighter and tiny, and they have crazy autofocus.

Sony’s long-exposure app that Joey uses is called

Good tips for starting out in landscape photography:
– Get a wide angle lense.
– Find some cool trees.
– Get a remote/timer.
– Bring a backpack with hiking supplies.
– Watch where you step.
– Bring a stick.
– Don’t step on any snakes.

Joey uses tea tree oil to repel mosquitos.

Joey moderates a Facebook group that Peggy is in called Swamp Hikers.

A tried and true way to sell your photography is to get your art into high-profile businesses for exposure.

Joey Waves, on printing mediums: “Everybody loves metal.

Contact Joey Waves:

See you next week for episode 21!

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