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Learn how to update the firmware on your Canon camera with these easy steps!


Peggy Farren will show you, step by step, how to update your firmware on your Canon 6D. The process is very similar for all Canon EOS cameras.

Below is the link to download the firmware update to your computer.

Click on firmware and then if you have a Mac or a Windows, make sure that you select the correct one. Click download to your computer.

Once it is downloaded, go to downloads, right-click and select extract all. Extracting just takes a minute or two.

Make sure you have a blank SD card on your computer to put the updated firmware file onto.  Drag the firmware file onto the memory card, and so it’s copied onto the memory card. After you’re finished, safely eject the memory card. Take the SD card out of your computer and put it into your camera.

The most important thing when you are going to update your firmware, is to be sure you have a fully charged battery, so charge it fully before you put it in, and put your freshly-charged battery in the camera. Also, make sure your camera is turned off, and then put the memory card in the camera.

Turn on your camera, go to menu, and use the multi-selector to move over to the last wrench. Here you will find the firmware, and this time we’re going to hit set.

Now we’re basically going to follow the directions from here. We want to update the camera firmware, so you’re going to hit set. It will tell you the current version and will begin loading the program from the memory card. It doesn’t take long, just a minute. It will then say “Please select the new version.” There is only one choice so you’re going to hit “set”. When it is updating, make sure you do not touch anything. Just leave it alone, walk away, because it does take five, six minutes or so.

Once your update is complete, click set, and you’re all good to go. The camera’s going to reboot. Once the camera reboots, hit the menu key again to check to make sure the firmware version is the latest one. Hit the menu button and then go back to the wrench key.

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