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Host and Professional Photographer Peggy Farren interviews Find Art Photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, Parish Kohanim.  Parish talks with us about the journey to success and finding your creative voice.


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Finding Your Creative Voice with Acclaimed Fine Art Photographer Parish Kohanim


“Photography is about discovery;  going into uncharted territories that you’ve never been so you can challenge yourself.”


About Parish
  • He has been a Canon Explorer of Light since 1994. (A group of only 50 of the world’s most premier photographers.)
  • He owns and showcases his work at the Kohanim Parish Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta, GA.
  • Parish spent the first part of his career as a commercial photographer with clients such as Coca-Cola, De Beers Diamonds and AT&T to name but a few.
  • He has photographed portraits of numerous celebrities.
  • He is on Apple’s advisory board for Aperture software and has been featured on Apple’s website.
  • His work has appeared in multiple publications including Forbes, Time, and Newsweek.
“We all have our own vision, our own voice to transmute through our images.”


Finding Your Voice
  • Learn the fundamentals of lighting and composition.

         – Practice with still life photography.

         – Try not to rely on Photoshop to “fix things” – do your best to create what you want directly from the camera.

“In order for your work to be noticed, you need to be inventive.  You need to be creative with the camera.”
  • Look at some of the people that are successful.  Look at what they’re trying to say, their voice, their message.  Why is it resonating with people?
  • Analyze the meaning and see if you can find it in your own work.  Find strength in it.
  • When glancing through a magazine or scrolling through social media, find the thing that attracts you, the thing that makes you stop and take a longer look.  What was it?  What is the message?
  • Go to different art shows and see what is being exhibited.  Talk to people (like the gallery director) and make connections – but don’t be aggressive!
  • Implement techniques to increase the exposure of your photography on social media and the web.
  • Social media is teaching us all to be followers. Be true to your own voice, you don’t have to follow trends.
“It’s what you DO with your work, not how you TALK about your work.”


Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
“One of the problems with the human analytical mind is that we paint the worst scenarios for ourselves.  What if we relinquish the nonsense going through our heads?  Great things will happen.”
  • Put your analytical feeling aside.  Just get in there and do it.  Experiment.  Believe in your gut feeling.
  • Comfort is a difficult thing to abandon, we have to push ourselves.
  • Detours, discoveries and surprises happen from the initial vision to the final product – don’t be afraid to let your ideas evolve.
“If you really care about the quality, you want to see your vision reach a destination – no matter what or how long it takes.  There’s a sense of fulfillment that resonates with you when you make a great image.”
Finding Parish

Website:  ParishKohanim.com

Instagram:  @ParishKohanim

Facebook:  Parish Kohanim and Parish Kohanim Photography

Twitter:  Parish Kohanim


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