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Architectural photographer Art Becker shares his techniques for finding and creating stunning works of art in architectural details and gives incredible insights
on how to sell them to major clients.

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Finding Fine Art in Architectural Photography

with Art Becker


“No matter what the subject is, find the most unique thing about it to photograph.  Be unique.  THAT is what will make your images always stand out.”

Things to Consider When Photographing Architecture

  • Which way does the building face?
    – If it faces north, the front will never be well lit. 
    – The direction it faces helps determine the best time of day to shoot.
    – Most clients do not want harsh shadows, however, artistically speaking, shadows can “make it happen”.
  • What is the client looking for? Be open to the suggestions of your clients. Learn to listen to what their needs are.
  • What are they trying to say with their architecture?
  • If possible, visit the site before doing the assignment. Take notes on what you think is interesting and what you like about the light.
  • Try to take several images that are so abstract and different that the builder or architect questions their location.
  • Are there areas that are just too dark and shadowed? Paint them with light.
    – Don’t overdo it.  Make it look as natural as possible to the eye.
  • Start with an overall view of the building and work into smaller areas.
  • Look for lines that lead your eye to or through the subject.
  • Use natural framing elements.
  • Perspective distortion? Back up and use the right lens.


“Go into any job with an imaginary bag of tricks in your head. 
Try not to use the bag. 
Come up with something
new every time you go out.”

Tips for Interiors

  • Take the time to light the room correctly – don’t rely on HDR software.
  • Utilize the beautiful blue sky out the window – don’t overexpose, equal the amount of light coming through the windows with your own sources.
  • Bounce light off the ceiling for more diffused lighting.
  • Make it look natural. Don’t be heavy handed in editing.
  • You can still be artistic in the way you light a room. Remember, unique stands out.

“Our job as photographers is to get people to go ‘Wow, I want to go there!’  Or even better, ‘I want to LIVE there!’”

Marketing Tips

  • Know where your work fits and who might buy it.
  • Plant seeds for use and purchase when consulting with a client – but don’t push too hard.
  • Be smart with the way you send images for preview. Always use low res with your name clearly seen on the image.  Be sure to add your name in the metadata as well.
  • Took something you think is unique? Reach out to the owner of the building or the architect (or the person in charge of marketing).
    – Show a few thumbnails and let them know you’re interested in working with them.
  • Looking to sell images as art décor?
    – Contact the marketing or creative director.
    – Ask them how and where they buy their art and where it is seen. 
    – Send an email campaign and let them know you have some art that they may be interested in.

“Create a piece that transcends architecture and becomes
a piece of art.”

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Art Becker PolyTechnic
Art Becker Stained Glass and Velvet
Art Becker Arch 1 Spiral Staircase
Art Becker Arch 11 Corner Detail
Art Becker Barbershop Interior
Art Becker 64 Red Geometry

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