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Why do you need a photography mentor? Find out why a mentor is important for your growth as an artist as well as for your business. Peggy Farren tells us how and
where to find someone who could give you the advice you need to succeed.

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Episode 181

Finding a Mentor for Your Photography Business
with Peggy Farren



  • Offer advice or an ear for frustrations.
  • Give a different perspective.
  • Give a push when needed.
  • Can be formal, but most are informal relationships.

Finding a Good Mentor

  • Find someone you admire with experience who is successful at their craft.
  • Be where they are.
    – Join clubs and associations.
    – Don’t forget about Facebook Groups – there’s a group for everything, and it’s free!
    – Network through event photography.
    – Enter camera club competitions at local, state, and national levels. 
    – Join a Meetup group.
    – Go to conferences.
  • Check out SCORE for free mentorship advice – be picky and find someone that’s a good fit for your business.
  • Do some research on local people that could be of help. Find out their interests to show you care about them and then email, message through social media, or even cold call to make contact.
    – Be sure to compliment their work.  Be genuine – superficial compliments are easy to spot.
  • Create a list of goals. Make a list of possible people that could help you reach those goals.  Learn about them and find out where to meet them.
  • Go slow and build a relationship without being ‘stalky’ or coming on too strong.

Giving Back

  • Remember, it’s all about THEM. They’re giving up valuable time for you, be sure they get something of value in return. 
  • Show your appreciation. Volunteer your time to help them in some way.
  • Listen more than you talk. Pay attention.  Communication is key to forming a relationship.


Mentioned on the Show

Slack – app for small group interaction and sharing of resources. 
– Groups formed by invitation only. 
– Gather a few loyal followers from other social media outlets that comment on your work, or that have work that you admire and invite them to join a group!



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