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Two-time guest Edin Chavez talks about growing your audience using Facebook. Creating groups and pages to increase your following, ideas for interacting, ads, Facebook pixel and more. Edin has a huge following on social media and shares many of his great ideas.

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Facebook Marketing Strategies with Edin Chavez

Personal, Business, or Groups?

  • You need a personal page to start, but you cannot advertise here.
  • You need a business page to create ads and direct people to your website to sell your services or products.
    – Important for marketing.
    – The algorithms restrict visibility of posts so that only 2% of the people that like your page end up seeing your posts. – UNLESS YOU PAY FOR ADVERTISING.
  • You can use groups to connect and communicate with more people.
    – This is where you can share others’ work and help them gain exposure.
    – It also helps to direct traffic to your personal page and website.
    – Rules apply:  no advertising or self-promotion.

Facebook Ads

  • Creating one can be easy. Take it step by step.
  • Facebook Pixel – a cookie tracker for ads that gives you feedback on what’s working for you.
  • Campaign – conversion or traffic? Conversion is the choice for taking people to your website for selling products.
  • Ad Set – allows you to choose a specific audience. Use the meter to determine how many groups to target.  (Edin uses about 30 directives.)  Don’t allow FB to choose your audience for you.
  • Ad – Can be tricky – be sure to read through ALL of the rules.
                   – Titles and phrases cannot sound like SPAM.  Use of numbers is prohibited!
                    – Use a superior photo, carousel of images, or video (short, sweet, and to the point).
                    – You need a catchy hook to draw people in.
                    – Don’t use a lot of type – people don’t want to read through extensive paragraphs.
                    – Link to you page to collect emails and sell products
                    – Suggest starting with $5/day.  Monitor hits via FB Pixel.  Is it doing well?  Add more $.
  • Not getting the traffic you want? Try tweaking your landing page.  If need be – HIRE a copywriter from somewhere like Fiverr.com


Finding Edin

WalksofMiami.com                         Episode 93

EdinChavez.com                              Instagram

ShutYourAperture.com                  Travelcon

Facebook:  Main   Group


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