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Learn how to create your own stunning images with flower photographer Kathleen Clemons.

She shares great tips for creating gorgeous fine art images with flowers.

Kathleen Clemons Dahlia Frenzy

Fabulous Flower Photography

with Kathleen Clemons

Episode 115

The Appeal of the Flower

  • Kathleen’s obsession with flower photography started with a class assignment where her only subjects available were the flowers in her hospital room.
  • She loves the lines, shapes, colors and textures of the flowers, but she’s most attracted to the curves.

“The macro world is much easier for me – I see details.”

Tips for Flower Photography

  • Choose good light

Soft – If necessary, use a diffuser placed between your light source and the subject.

Kathleen uses a plant clamp (Plamp ) to clamp her diffuser to a tripod (that isn’t holding her camera).

Even – Use a reflector to help add or even out the light on your subject.

A white foam-core trifold display board works well as both a background and to bounce light from the side panels.

Don’t introduce new lines from shadows to divide petals.

Indoors – The same rules apply.  

Try to use diffused natural light from a window.

Set your white balance to compensate for fluorescent lighting if that is your only light source.

“Don’t ‘do it later in photoshop’, you won’t remember the color accurately.”

  • Play with depth of field

Shoot through flowers – have foreground blossoms right up against the lens.

  • Choose a good subject

“I’m always looking for something that makes that flower individual – different from those around it.

  • Know your gear

Extension tubes can help reduce the depth of field without the need for a new lens.

LensBaby has a line of lenses with selective focus, a “sweet spot” of focus surrounded by blur.  The lens can be tilted to create distortion and depth. 

Composer   Velvet Series     Sol

Edge Series (focuses on a slice rather than a spot)

  • Crop in camera

Create the image that’s in your head – NOW.

If making large prints, this gives you ALL the pixels.

If you’re focused on not cropping, you tend to be more careful and deliberate with your shots.

  • Include the background

Add textures for interest.  Use a light hand, you want it to ADD to the image, not take over.  (See Kathleen’s E-book on textures here.)

“You never want the texture to become a secondary subject.”

Finding Kathleen

Website – KathleenClemons.com

Facebook – Kathleen Clemons & Kathleen Clemons Photography

Instagram – @kathleenclemons & @kathleenclemonsphotography

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Kathleen Clemons Dahlia Sweet
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Kathleen Clemons Dahlia Frenzy

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