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Understand Photography General Notes


Upcoming Trips:
Everglades 4 Day Photo Adventure:  Everglades, FL January 25-28, 2018

Florida’s Forgotton Coast – Apalachicola area April 16-20, 2018. 

About the Photographer
– 2nd generation born and raised in Sanford, FL
– father was a hobbyist photographer
– introduced to photography and the darkroom as a young teenager
– went to a photo lecture by Ansel Adams and met the famous photographer in Orlando in the 1980’s
– has always been a hobbyist photographer, mostly landscapes
– has continued in the family business of large-format printing
– founded Sanford Camera Club, past president of Orlando Camera Club

Photographing Florida
– prefers to photograph from his kayak (Hobie Proangler 14’)
– paddles with his feet, steers with a rudder (Mirage drive system)
       – keeps camera gear drier (no dripping paddles crossing from one side to the other)
– mounts a GoPro with a gimble to the front of the boat, has voice-activated remotes hanging from his neck
for control of the camera as well as an iPad mounted to the side so he can always see the live view
– main camera – Canon 5D with a custom mount on a Really Right Stuff Ballhead allows kayak to become a
floating tripod (small movements of boat don’t come into play with a faster shutter speed)
– uses 2 different lenses: 11-24mm for landscape shots (favorite), and 100-400mm for wildlife photos
– sometimes takes a drone on the back
– does not fly from the kayak, but finds a location to beach the craft
– drone flies about 50-100’ up and 400-500’ away– allows for some really great shots of meandering rivers and streams

Tips for Slow Shutter Photography
– uses stacked filters (Lee or Singray) on his 11-24mm lens held on with a Lee bracket
– Neutral Density (ND) 6-stop or 10-stop
– ND graduated filter (comes in .3, .6, or .9 variations)
– graduated filter allows better sunrise/sunset images by slowing down the light from the sky and allowing more light
  from the foreground, which would be very dark or black without the filter
– increases exposure time from 1/60 sec to 6 minutes
– anything still is sharp, while the sky or water (anything moving) becomes blurred
– set-up needs to occur before the last filter is put on (a 6-stop or 10-stop ND filter cannot be seen through to focus your image)
– uses the app. Light Calculator to calculate exposure times with the addition of his filters
– filters are exponential: a 2 min. exposure with a 6-stop ND filter would be a 15 minute exposure with a 10-stop ND filter

Starting Kayak Photo Tours
–hopefully this November
– modeled after newly popular kayak fishing trips
– 75 mile radius of central Florida has many freshwater lakes, rivers, and marshes to explore as well as saltwater opportunities
– weekends only, sunrise or sunset


Enchanted Places of Florida
– book Reg is currently working on with friend and author Bill Belleville
– coffee table book with images of Florida’s diverse habitats with text about the healing effects of nature

Mr. Sanford
– donates pictures of Sanford to Historical Society, My Sanford magazine, Seminole County newspaper, etc.
– has become very well known in his hometown

Where to find him

– Website: RegGarner.com

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