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Peggy Farren talks with landscape and nature photographer and environmental activist JohnBob Carlos.  JohnBob tells us about connecting people with nature and using your images to promote a cause.  Thanks for tuning into episode #91 of The Understand Photography Show!

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Documentary Photography & Visual Arts for Activism
JohnBob Carlos Episode 91


“You best promotion is to be involved”


About JohnBob

  • Shoots with a Nikon 7100
  • Has images showcased at Everglades City Museum, Ft. Lauderdale History Museum, FIU (Florida International University, Miami), and the Deering Estate.
  • Passionate about the Everglades ecosystems.
  • Involved with several documentaries on sustainability and restoration of habitats.
  • Enjoys spending days or even weeks at a time in the Everglades.

“I’m not there for the photo, I’m there to connect.”

“You can use your work, your art, your vision and media to get people to see things in a different way.”

How to Get Your Images Noticed

  • Produce a lot of work.
  • Participate in everything that speaks to your heart.
  • Meet a lot of people – network.
  • Donate photos for fundraisers.
  • Ask if you can show your work at places you frequent.


“Get it out in front of the public.  Show them that Florida is wild and beautiful and worth saving.”

Finding JohnBob

Website:  EvergladesGallery.com

Facebook:  JohnBob Carlos

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