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As photographers we want to have a unique look to our images.

Brian Call collaborates with an oil painter to create a new style

for his photographs and a renewed passion for his art.

Brian Call Genesis Exhibition

Creative Collaborations

in Fine Art Photography

Episode 111 with Brian Call

About Brian

  • Brian is a nature and landscape photographer with a passion to showcase and protect our wild places.
  • Brian shoots his images with Nikon and GoPro and uses Photoshop exclusively for post processing.

“This project was born from the desire to push my photography in a direction other than traditional nature photography.  This is not for nature magazines, this is art.”

The Genesis Series

  • The art is created by blending Brian’s wildlife photography with the textured oil paintings of Argentinian artist Elena Lasala.
  • The paintings are professionally scanned and made into a digital file.  (Brian originally photographed the paintings himself, but wanted the added sharpness of a scan.)
  • The goal is to blend the photograph with the painting so they look like ONE balanced image instead of two layers.
    • The first step is choosing which painting to match with which photograph – first choices are not always the best match.
    • Usually he starts with the painting as a background.
    • Add the photograph as a layer.
    • Try out different blending modes, opacities, intensities and brightness, masking…
    • Play with it until it FEELS right.
  • The collection currently contains 17 pieces, with more to come.
  • The images are printed on either metal or fine art papers.
  • They are sold as limited editions through SAATCHI.com .
  • There is also a Genesis Series book in the works!

Sales Tactics

  • So many nature photographers produce very similar images.  You need to find a way to separate yourself.
  • People are looking for something unique. (Another reason for limited editions.)
  • Instagram is a great way to reach out and show your work.

-Get the attention of interior designers/decorators.

  • Print big.  Display your work at art shows.


  • Check out Workshops you’re interested in. 
  • Look at other art media.
  • Work with your limitations.
  • Be open to push things and work them in different ways.

Finding Brian

Website – BrianCallPhotography.com

Facebook – Brian Call  ArtistElena Lasala

Instagram – @BrianCallPhotography

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Brian Call Water Dancer Genesis
Brian Call Snaggletooth Gator Genesis
Brian Call Great Egret Genesis
Brian Call To Know Them Genesis

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