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Quick and easy steps on how to control the focus point on a Canon camera!

In this episode of Understand Photography, Peggy Farren is going to explain how to change your focus point on a Canon 6D.

Now, the easiest and fastest way is to be using your viewfinder. Your eye goes to the viewfinder. Wake your camera up if you need to, and press the small button in the upper right-hand corner. It’s the same on all Canon DSLRs. The button to the far right will highlight your focus points in your viewfinder, and then you just use the multi-selector to move your focus points. cue

The second way is to hit your cue buttons. Your cue button is for your quick menu. You can move around using the multi-selector. Move to manual selection and press set. You can again move the focus points around using the multi-selector. If you want to select automatic you hit set, and then set to go back to one. I recommend one focus point.

The third way is if you are in live mode, which the button for live mode is to the right of the view-finder. Hit set to activate the focus point and just use your multi-selector to move it around.


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