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Show Notes for Episode 8: Cell Phone Photography

General Tips:

  • Up-to-date on phone operating system

  • Hold phone steady to avoid blur

In-Camera Photography Helpers:

  • Show gridlines

  • Selective focus

  • Exposure compensation

  • HDR

  • Flash during backlit situations or with people

Camera Modes:

  • Panoramic

  • Virtual shot (some android/galaxy)

  • Burst mode

  • Live – mini videos


  • Timer

  • Selfie stick


  • Voice control

  • Slideshow


  • Snapseed
    Free; iOS (link)

  • TouchRetouch
    $1.99; iOS (link)

  • Slow Shutter Cam
    $1.99; iOS (link) 

  • 360 Panorama
    $1.99; iOS (link)

  • ProHDR
    $1.99; iOS (link)

  • Prisma
    Free; iOS (link)

  • Procamera
    $2.99; iOS (link) 

  • SimplyB&W
    Free; iOS (link)

  • Pic Stitch
    Free; iOS (link)

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