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Pierre Dutertre has strong feelings about building and protecting your “brand”

if you want to sell your photography for the big bucks. You must have the prestige of a

“Fine Art Photographer”. Pierre gives really solid tips on how to build that fancy

reputation that you need!

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Episode 154

Build Your Brand to Become a Fine Art Photographer
with Pierre Dutertre 

“It’s not about selling the work, it’s about selling the Artist.”

Build Your Brand

Have a long list of achievements.  This may take about 5 years! 

  • Invest in yourself and your work.  Educate yourself and always strive to improve.
  • Apply to museum and gallery competitions.
  • Be selective about which art fairs you choose – make sure they are high-end and juried.
  • Local art fairs and photo clubs may be good for your ego, but are of less interest when building your brand.
  • Be careful who you associate with – go after highly recognized names, galleries and museums.
  • Sell yourself first.


**A more rapid path would be to hire a professional consultant or PR manager.  ($$$) 

  • No matter what museums you get into, you probably will not be able to make a living from selling your art.


“Selling your work at a loss as an amateur will not help further your career as a professional.  If you sell your work for very little money, you will have a problem getting your pricing up when you get into a gallery.  It may even affect your chances of
getting into the gallery at all.”

Tips for Museum Competitions

  • Follow the THEME.
  • Have a BODY of WORK – a conceptually-based project that involves an intellectual, emotional, or opinion-based series of images that make sense together.  Make it personal.  Tell a story.
  • Look up the jurors.  Research their background and see what types of imagery they are partial to.
  • Create a budget for competitions.  $500-$600/yr
  • Have others review your portfolio.
     – Seek a portfolio review with a museum!  FMoPA has 2 per year at only $40-$50
     – If using someone else, make sure they’re knowledgable, trustworthy, and will tell you honestly (but gently) exactly what your work is about and how to improve.


“You have to transition from the idea of taking pictures,
to MAKING pictures.”


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