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Artie Morris Golden Fronted Woodpecker

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Featuring Famed Bird Photographer, Arthur Morris

Yes, it’s true! We are starting a weekly Travel and Nature Photography Show, called The Understand Photography Show. I know what you are thinking; what a creative name for the show!

We’ll first broadcast on Facebook LIVE on Fridays at 4 p.m. EDT. After the live broadcast, the content will be edited for a podcast.

Our first guest on September 9 is Arthur Morris. Artie Morris went from being a teacher in Brooklyn to the most famous bird photographer in the world. He is one of the first photographers to earn the prestigious “Canon Explorer of Light” title. He is an author, a speaker and workshop leader.

How to Make Money with Your Photography

  • Photograph what you love. Go with what drives you.
  • Use your creative mind to find a market for your work or your skills.
  • Teach others through workshops.
  • Sell images and how-to information digitally.
  • Share your experiences and teach others your craft.


Top Tips for Bird Photographers

  • Work hard and study, but don’t waste your time unless you really love it.
  • Get out early and stay out late.
  • Get low and move slowly.
  • Study your subject and learn everything you can about their biology and habits. The best way to learn is to get out there and watch!
  • Point your shadow at the subject with the sun behind you. For silhouettes or backlighting, the sun should be behind your subject.
  • Look at and study as many great images as you can.
  • Get involved with birdphotographers.net – there is no better way to learn than to critique and be critiqued.
  • Go on Instructional Photo Tours.
  • Travel to great places.


How to Avoid Amateur Mistakes

  • Pay attention to the sun angle.
  • Learn to see the background as well as the subject.
  • Lay on the ground for better background – it will recede into the distance and is able to be blurred to reduce visual competition with the subject.
  • Use a tripod.
  • Give up on the idea that a better camera makes a better photographer. Learn to use what you have and master your techniques.


Finding Artie




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