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It’s my opinion that you should back up both on detachable hard drives and a cloud backup.
Here is a great deal on a 2TB detachable drive.   The price is fabulous on this hard drive! 

 Please note, we are an Amazon affiliate and will receive a very small commission if you purchase via our link.

Cloud Services for Backing up Photos

Here are some of the pros and cons of many of the popular cloud services.  I spent a lot of time on this, although I only looked at my priorities, which were price and ability to upload RAW and TIFF file formats.
Photo sharing and some of the other features are not important to me so if they are to you, please do more research.

I signed up to become an affiliate with pCloud because it, in my opinion, wins hands down over the other choices!  That $350 Lifetime 2TB option is amazing! So if you decide to go with pCloud, I’ll get a small commission but the price is the same to you.

Each company has a different plan/payment structure so I tried to keep the comparisons as close as possible by using the 2TB plan.

pcloud  2TB $350 Lifetime  ONE-TIME PAYMENT or $95.88 a year

Accepts RAW and TIFFs 

Google One (Google Drive)  $9.99 per month for 2TB.
Accepts RAW and TIFFs

Microsoft OneDrive  $69.99 per year for 1TB of cloud storage, another $9.99 per month per extra 1TB.
Includes Microsoft 365, which is Word, Excel, etc.  So if you are paying for this already, the $9.99 per month for the extra storage may be worth it.
Accepts RAW and TIFFs

iDrive   2 TB  $52.12 the first year, $69.50 each year after that.Accepts RAW and TIFF

Dropbox Plus  2TB is $120 a year
Accepts RAW and TIFFs

iCloud is easy to use for Apple users.  2TB $120/year
Accepts RAW and TIFFs

Adobe Creative Cloud  Crazy expensive at 1TB for $19.99 a month
However, if you are using Lightroom and NOT Photoshop, there is an option to include 1TB of storage with Lightroom for $9.99 per month

Amazon Prime  Amazon Photos offers unlimited full-resolution online photo storage, and 5 GB free video storage, to Prime members.  Prime Membership is $120/year.  They make it clear that it is not for professional photographers, but most of our members are hobbyists so would qualify.

Smugmug  $48 a year unlimited photo uploads.  Includes a website.
They used to have a service called SmugVault, where RAW or TIFF files could be uploaded as well. But this service doesn’t exist anymore.

Flickr Pro Flickr is now owned by Smugmug so there may be changes coming. Can’t store RAW files
$5 per month for unlimited storage.

Photobucket  $12.99 per month for unlimited photo storage $160/yr.


Please note that some of the links are affiliate links.  The price to you is the same or discounted through our link.
We will receive a small commission.

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