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Learn how to back button focus on a Canon camera with these quick and easy tips!


In this episode of Understand Photography, Peggy Farren is going to show you how to change the back button focusing on a Canon 6D.

Now you’re going to use back button focusing for bird photography, sports photography, any time you want to separate your focusing from your shutter button.

So we’re going to turn the AF on, and use the back button to focus and then use the shutter button to go ahead and take the picture.

Go into your menu and get into your custom functions. I’m going to use my multi selector so you can move around. We need Custom Function Three: Operation, Others, and hit set.


You can move around with your multi selector, but we want that first option, shutter button half press metering and AF start. Hit set and then program your AF On button to be the focusing button.

It’s going to be the middle button, metering start. Hit set and then you’ll use the AF On button to focus and the shutter button to take the picture.

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