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Art Marketing and Business Consultant Sara Mullins from Galleries On The Go

talks with Peggy about art leasing and other gallery opportunities

that bring local businesses and artists together.

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Episode 161

Art Leasing – Getting Your Images Displayed

in High Traffic Spaces

with Sara Mullins of Galleries on the Go


“Art leasing programs are a great way to introduce artwork to business spaces without a big investment for the business.”

Galleries On The Go works with artists that create in a variety of media:  photography, paint, multi-media, sculpture, and jewelry.

“We help you bridge the gap between family and friends
and the real market.”

Gallery Service

  • A subscription to service and display art at 8 high-traffic office buildings with permanent gallery spaces.
  • Opportunities available for both businesses and artists.
  • Artists enrolled in this service also receive critiques, a consultation of marketability, coaching on finding your niche market, and class recommendations, if needed.

Art Leasing

  • Businesses in the program receive an on-site consultation to determine:
    – what will look good in their space (sizes, colors, subject matter)
    – what will enhance their brand and help tell their story
  • Displaying quality art in your business spaces:
    – indicates stability of the business
    – shows clients that you care about your space and your service
    – can be used as a soft marketing tool to get clients into your space
    – provides advertising for the artist
  • Art is leased by size and a percentage of the total retail value.
  • The art can be changed every 6 months, or there is an option to buy.
  • Calculate at least $2 per square foot for art.
  • The space needs to be large enough to show a minimum of 5 pieces.

Gallery Talk

  • An exciting new app that uses near field communication and RFID technology.
  • Similar to “tap and pay” apps that use chip technology.
  • Stickers with the ability to link to video can be placed on or near the artwork.
  • Patrons can quickly (2-3 seconds) download the app to their phone and be directed to a short video of the artist talking about that piece of art or telling their own story.
  • This is a great way for the artist to market themselves without being present by giving patrons the opportunity to “meet the artist” through a short video.
  • Patrons can also be directed from the app to your website.
  • The app also has inventory and mapping capabilities for artists whose work is displayed in multiple locations.


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