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Episode 54:  Answering Common Questions with Joe Fitzpatrick
Episode 54:  Commonly Asked Questions with Joe Fitzpatrick

What memory cards should I use with my camera?
-whatever size is recommended for your camera (SD, CF, microSD, etc.)
-read speed vs. write speed
– write speed should be as high/fast as you can get (designated U1, U2, and U3 – U3 is fastest)
– some people prefer to use cards with larger storage so they don’t have to change them or worry about keeping track of several smaller capacity cards
– some prefer to use multiple smaller capacity cards so if one becomes corrupted or lost they don’t lose their whole trip/event
– cards have electronics that can go bad…BACKUPS ARE IMPORTANT!

Other storage options
– Clouds (Adobe, iCloud, Amazon Cloud, Carbonite, etc)
– Dropbox

Should I use a tripod?
Yes – for landscape images of maximum quality
– Make sure your tripod is tall enough for you without extending the center column.
extending the center column creates a monopod, lowers stability, increases shake

How should I clean my camera?
More on exposure
– if shooting in JPEG you have less leeway because so much info. is discarded, you HAVE to shoot to meter
– if shooting in RAW mode, you have some room to play
– can make scene brighter to gain detail in shadows, then tone down highlights later
– when shooting white birds, make scene darker – don’t care about shadow details, want more details of white feathers (Exposure Compensation -1)
– ETTR (Expose to the Right) – check your histogram, push the exposure to the right as far as you can without making it “climb the wall”
– “Blinkeys” highlight/exposure warnings turned on through camera menus
most seen AFTER the image is taken – allows you to correct for next image

– for flash, recommend ENELOOP – rechargeable AA’s hold an 80% charge for up to 18 months
– for camera:
worst – counterfeit: sold on eBay or other sites, says made by Nikon/Canon/Sony, etc but ISN’T – if it’s super cheap, it’s no good!
better – 3rd party manufacturers like WASABI, STERLING TECH, POWER2GO have reliable, warranted products that are reasonably priced and give same reporting info. to camera
best – specific to camera, made by camera manufacturer, can be pricey
*many battery manufacturers recommend keeping your batteries at about a 60% charge for longer term storage – don’t let your batteries drain completely, it can ruin them!

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