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Joe Fitzpatrick with Understand Photography teaches how to quickly and easily change the capture time on multiple photos.

Start by determining how much of a correction needs to be made, compare the time on the camera’s internal clock to the correct time and calculate the difference.

The images from the video above were made during our Understand Photography Everglades Workshop. The counters were still set to Pacific Standard Time from a recent trip. Our home base here in Florida is on Eastern Standard Time, a three-hour difference.

In the Library module, select a folder or collection that contains the images with the incorrect time. Select the images by clicking on the first image and then clicking on the last image while holding down the shift key.

Holding down the control key on a Windows computer or the command key on a Mac, and typing the letter A, will also select all the images.

  • Click on the triangle to open the metadata panel if it is not already open.
  • Select Default in the metadata type box.
  • Scroll to Capture Time. Click on the icon.

A window will open with correction choices. If a time zone adjustment needs to be made, use the option to shift by a number of hours. Otherwise, use the adjust to specify date and time choice when the correction is in years, days, or minutes.

In this case, my images have a timestamp that is behind by three hours. I need to add three hours.

Then click the Change All button. The date and time of all the selected images will be adjusted by the amount specified.

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~ Joe Fitzpatrick is the lead instructor and workshop leader at Understand Photography.  He is one of that rare breed of photographers who possesses both a vast array of technical knowledge and the ability to communicate it in clear, simple terms. Joe is the type of person who needs to know how everything works. If he doesn’t know, he’ll figure it out! And then he’ll simplify it so that the rest of us can understand!


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