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Do you dream of being a full-time artist selling your photography? Hear Carmen’s Sprague’s tips on moving to a new area, making the right contacts and what she’s done (twice) to get established and sell her art. It’s time to follow your dreams and do it!

Carmen Sprague Flip Flops on the Sand

Follow Your Dreams to Become a Full-Time Photographic Artist

Episode 112 with Carmen Sprague


“You only get one life to live, so why not take the chance?

The Grand Plan – my own Gallery

  • She joined into a co-op gallery on Big Pine Key with 16 other artists.

– Co-op galleries are owned and operated by the artists.

– $ entry fee, $ monthly rent for space, $ annual/biannual membership 

– Had to work 2 shifts/month at the gallery

– Carmen did very well and began to build up a clientele.

  • Carmen started her dream career by using her retirement savings to open a gallery in Key West, FL.
  • Her co-op gallery connected her with 30 other artists in a very creative community.
             – She met other artists by going to art openings and through joining the Lower Keys Artist’s Network.

– To sell, you need to know your clientele.  In Key West, the clientele changed from day to night.


“You have to have something that stands out and makes you different from everybody else.”

* The local Chamber of Commerce is a great resource to find out about events and create connections.

From Key West to Cape Coral

  • Carmen and her family moved to Cape Coral to escape the frequent hurricanes of Key West.
  • She found the Cape Coral Art League and started getting involved – they didn’t have any photographers at that time.

– Volunteered to be on the Board

– Pushed to include photography as art

– Started teaching classes and having shows

– Currently VP of Cape Coral Art League

– The Gallery and Gift Shop at CCAL help to sell her work.

Broken Shell Gallery & Gifts

– Travel themed images and larger pieces sell better at this gallery.

– $ pay for the size of the space, $ 20-30% commission fee, $ rent

– Advertising and promotion are done by the shop owner, no requirement to work at the gallery.

Franklin Shops (a co-op in Fort Myers, FL)

– High tourist clientele – Florida-focused images that are smaller and packable sell better here.

– $ rent space, 30% commission

– advertising, wrapping, etc. paid by gallery owner

“Tomorrow won’t come if you don’t live today.  Live your life with gusto and enjoy it!”


Finding Carmen

Cape Coral Art League

Franklin Shops

Broken Shell Gallery




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