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I’m Joe Fitzpatrick with another Lightroom Classic CC Quick tip! Today, I’m going to show you 3 ways to get your horizons level. When judging images, I’m amazed at the number of photos that I see where the horizon is not level. Especially since this problem is so easy to correct in Lightroom Classic CC!

Here are 3 ways to level your horizon in Lightroom:

1- Go to the Develop module, then click on the Crop tool located on the sidebar to the right. Next, click on the Angle tool on the side bar. Take the tool to the image, click and hold while you drag it across the horizon. Once you have reached the end of the horizon, let it go and the photo will immediately level to the line you drew. When you are finished, just click on Done.

2- The second way to level a horizon is to click on the Crop tool on the sidebar. If you go up to the top right of your image, your cursor will turn into a double arrow. Click and hold down to tilt your image until you get the horizon level. Click on Done when you’re finished 

3- The third way to level a horizon is in the Transform Tool. Once you open it, click on Level. The horizon should straighten immediately. Although this feature may work for some horizons, it may not work for other images in which the horizon is not easily identifiable. The other Level tool works on vertical, as well as horizontal lines too!


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