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In this Tuesday Photo Quick Tip, you will learn 3 different ways to easily add keywords to your photos in Lightroom.

It’s easy to find that special image that you made last week or even last month, but when it comes to finding an image that you made last year or even a couple of years ago, it can be really challenging!

Lightroom Classic’s keyword feature is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly find images based on keywords that describe the image you’re looking for. Adding keywords to your images can be a real time saver, especially when you are sorting through thousands of photos at a time.

Here are 3 ways to add single or multiple keywords:

1-You’re probably aware that you can easily add keywords to an image by selecting “Click here to insert keywords” which is located on the right side panel when you open an image. When you type the keywords make sure they are all followed by a comma and a space.

2-The second way is to find the painter tool, which is located in the bottom toolbar. (It looks like a spray paint can) Click on the painter tool, then scroll to the right and change the selection if it is not already on Keywords. Then, type in the keyword(s) that you want to apply to the image. If you want many pictures labeled all at once, click on the gray area surrounding the picture of the first one you want to apply it to, then while holding the Shift key down, click on the last picture to label all of the selected images. When you’re done, select the painter tool again to stop keywording pictures.

3-The third way to add keywords is with Lightroom’s keyword suggestion panel. You’ll find that in the right-hand side under keywording and you’ll see the keyword suggestions. To add keywords to the keyword suggestions panel, first, select the image or images you want to add the keyword to and then click on whatever keywords you want to be applied to the images.

To create your own keywords set, click and select “Edit Set”. Then type in the words you’d like to have in your new set. After you’re done, select the bar on the top with the down arrow and click on “Save Current Setting As New Preset”, give the new set a name, click Create and finally, click Change.

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  1. Tom Carnahan

    Thankss. I have been looking for this set of instructions in simple form for some time.

    • Peggy Farren

      Thanks for commenting, Tom! Joe is so good at Lightroom. Check out some of his other short videos.

    • Joe Fitzpatrick

      Happy to hear that you found it useful. Be sure to subscribe to our Channel and like our videos so they keep on coming.

  2. Marion Esposito

    Wow. I’ve been using Lightroom for a long time and have never known how to organize the key words like that and/or copy them to multiple images. Thank you!


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