What should a photographer wear?

Peggy Farren 2014-04-14

If you are professional photographer, remember to dress... professionally! If you are a bird photographer or strictly an artist, you can wear whatever the heck you want to! But if you are photographing weddings, portraits or events, you need to portray the image of a business person.

Women Photographers: Weddings and corporate events: Wear something you can move in. No shirt skirts or low cut tops. Make sure your bra straps are not showing. Black is always a safe color, but as long as you are not wearing anything too conspicuous, you should be fine. You want to look nice, but not overdressed. Remember you need clothing that you can move in and still look nice.

Portraits: For outdoor portraits, nice slacks or capri pants should be fine. Casual but not too casual! Again, even though it's a casual setting, you can't be too casual. Again, take care of the little things - no bra straps and make sure your clothes fit properly. Shorts are probably always a no-no, unless they are very long and conservative.

Studio Portraits: For studio portraits, you want to dress more like you would for a wedding or event. Especially if you are hoping for more high end clients, you need to look

I wish this went without saying but no gum chewing, swearing or smoking where your client can hear/see you. If you want a professional image, you have to realize that people are judging you based on your looks all the time!

Men Photographers: I put together a short video with images for eHow.com called "How a Camera Guy should Dress" (their title - my content).

How a Camera Guy Should Dress -- powered by ehow
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