Online Classes

Online Classes

Read more to see why our online classes are so different.

First of all, we really simplify the technical. Second, we apply teaching techniques to help you learn more efficiently.

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Hands-On Classes

Hands-On Classes

Our motto and mission is: "We Simplify the Technical".

Whether you just picked up a camera or are a seasoned professional, we have courses you will be interested in.

Beginners should start with our online course: 'Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography". Hands-on instruction is conducted in our studio in Naples, Florida.

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Private Lessons and Excursions

Private Lessons and Excursions

We offer private instruction and custom photo excursions and trips

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  • Photo Excursions and Day Trips
  • Private Tours and Trips

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  • 4 Weeks to Proficiency achieves what it claims!

    Like many others I have carried my DSLR camera around for years but shooting on automatic or programmed modes – sometimes with mixed results. In four short weeks I feel that I have a solid foundation to shoot in manual mode and change the camera’s settings to take much better, and more creative photographs.

    Jill Wood
  • I am THRILLED with what I have learned!

    This class (Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography) is great because Peggy explains things in a logical easy-to -understand way. Plus she shows photos to demonstrate the points.

    Julie Pecoraro
  • 4 WEEKS TO PROFICIENCY class is the best money I have invested in my photography!

    I’ve had lessons in person and never came away understanding more, having more questions. But with this class within 20 minutes I had gained more knowledge than in three hours with a one-on-one lesson!

    Susan Ferrer
  • I am a serious travel photographer.... I signed up right way. I was so glad I did!

    I am a serious travel photographer and when I heard that UP with Peggy and Joe were offering a Cuba photo tour, I signed up right away. I was so glad that I did. Even my non-photographer husband had a blast.

    Jo Crebbin Jo Crebbin Photography

Essential Preparation Tips for Travel Photography

This free report will help you choose the right cameras, lenses and accessories for your travels. You'll need different equipment depending on where you are going, your finances, and the weight of the gear. We'll show you how to determine the best equipment for your needs. Also included is a comprehensive list on what you'll need, some things you may not have heard before but you'll be so glad we let you know!

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Essential Preparation Tips for Travel Photography

Many you've never heard before!

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