The Understand Photography Show: Episode 44 - Nature and Fine Art Photography with Sara Lopez

Peggy Farren 2017-07-11

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Show Notes for Episode #44: Nature and Fine Art Photography

"If you can take a good photograph of clouds, you have an eye for photography."

Episode 44 with Sara Lopez

About Sara

She was given an SLR camera at 13 years old.
Her Grandfather’s advice “Go take pictures of clouds. If you can take a good photograph of clouds, you have an eye for photography.”
She works together with her husband Dick Fortune.
She prefers to shoot wildlife.
She is passionate about conservation.
She uses a 600mm lens for bird and wildlife photography.
She uses a Canon 180mm or a Canon 100mm with image stabilizer for macrophotography.

Favorite spots for birds, animals, botanicals and insects
Sanibel pier with lighthouse
Bowman’s Beach
Bailey Tract
Ding Darling
Miami Zoo
Palm Beach Zoo
Flamingo Gardens
Selby Gardens
Fairchild’s Tropical Gardens

Tips for good photographs
- Go to local Audubon Society - they will be able to tell you where to find birds.
- Do research! Find out times for low tide - the best time for bird photos besides early morning.
- Respect nature and your fellow photographers! If the area is small, chances are you won’t be there alone. Take your shot and move out of the way so someone else can get theirs.
BE PATIENT!! Birds and animals aren’t always active, stay awhile and watch. The time you walk away may be the time something great happens.
- Go out as often as possible.
- Get a good lens and a good tripod, it's worth it.

Tips for getting your work out there
- Volunteer
- Give work to organizations to help raise money and awareness
- Submit your work to contests (don’t expect to win)
- Join your local camera club
- Make connections: visit galleries, local businesses (like a frame shop!), charities
Getting out there and becoming known is a SLOW process

Sara and Dick’s photographs have been featured in:

Living Sanibel and Living Gulf Coast- wildlife field guides

Sanibel Scenes - tourist publication for hotel rooms

Contact Sara Lopez and Dick Fortune


Mentioned in the show - travel cart for carrying equipment

See you next week for episode 45 with Mary Goetzinger!

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