Quick Tip: Use a Small Fstop to Keep Things in Focus

Peggy Farren 2013-08-06

Some of my jobs are the most fun and so touching! I was so lucky to be a part of Danny's proposal to Dawn!

Will You Marry Me?

Small Fstop

Obviously this was a once in a lifetime event! It was important that every person was in the picture and in focus. Of course, with the daughters and granddaughter 10 feet behind the couple, focusing on both was not possible.

Basic photography - the smaller the aperture (Fstop), the greater the depth of field (DOF). In this case I wanted as much in focus as possible. If I had shot this with an aperture of 4.0, the girls in the back would have been too blurry (shallow DOF).

I used F8.

Why not use F22 or even F20? They are smaller apertures. However, since most cameras are calibrated for best quality at ISO100, I prefer to keep my camera at that ISO as much as possible. So in order to keep my shutter speed fast enough to avoid motion blur (1/125) and keep my ISO on ISO100, F8 was about as small as I could go.

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