Old Naples Photo Tours Monday afternoons til sunset

Peggy Farren 2015-01-01

Understand Photography Training Center is now offering Old Naples Photo Tours on Monday afternoons!

Learn a little bit about Naples and its history while learning about photography and getting great pictures. We'll walk through Old Naples 3rd Street area and end up at the pier for sunset photos. Along the way, we'll stop for photography lessons.

All levels of photographers are welcome on this two hour tour. This is a great family tour!

Every Monday** afternoon November through April. We'd be happy to offer this tour on demand during the summer. We just need a minimum of 3 people or $150. We'll meet at the fountain in Fleischmann Courtyard, just south of Tommy Bahamas. You must register in advance on our meetup site: www.meetup.com/understandphotography. Only $50 per person.

For more information visit our website www.understandphotography.com or call us at (239) 263-7001 Understand Photography is Southwest Florida's largest photography training center. We Simplify the Technical!

** We need a minimum of three people registered by midnight the night before. If we cancel for any reason, you will receive an immediate refund. ** Please note that the times change as the sunset times change. Check the meetup calendar for the correct time. Naples Mercantile Building Peggy Farren
Naples Pier Joe Fitzpatrick
Old Naples Joe Fitzpatrick

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