Off Camera Flash (OCF)

Peggy Farren 2012-09-25

Once you are really understand exposure, taking your speedlight off your camera can produce some dramatic and gorgeous images!

Off Camera Flash on Location

I used Cactus v4 triggers - the transmitter on my camera, the receiver on the bottom of the speedlight. I then attached it to a monopod, which I had my assistant point it at the little boy. I used no diffusers - just the speedlight pointed at the child, a little off to the side. The camera setting were -1EV, which means I exposed one stop under the zero on the meter to darken the sky.

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This portrait was the same day. I exposed for the background (meter on zero). My speedlight was on the monopod, about 5 feet from the child. I was about 15 feet away, using my long lens to blur out the background.

Wall small

That's another benefit of off camera flash; you can have your light source close to your subject, even if you are not.

Off Camera Flash on the Beach
Off camera flash on the beach
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