Miami, FL- 3 Day Photography Tour


Pack your camera and join us in Miami for a unique photo adventure!

Experienced workshop leader and mentor Joe Fitzpatrick will guide you to his favorite locations. At each location Joe will share his techniques, enabling you to overcome exposure, lighting and composition challenges. With his guidance you will learn to control the complex features of your camera. Joe’s easy to understand style of instruction will help you to become the photographer you long to be. This trip is limited to five (5) participants so that everyone will receive personal attention.

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Trip Details

Our adventure will start with the historic Art Deco architecture of South Beach. As the sun sets the lights of South Beach paint the Art Deco buildings in a myriad of colors. You will bring your night photography skills to new levels as Joe guides you in the best ways to capture the beauty of South Beach after dark.

You will capture spectacular images of all this and more when you join Understand Photography in Miami for this photography workshop. Have fun, improve your photographic skills and return home with memorable images.

Saturday morning we will travel to Zoo Miami to capture a variety of wildlife in natural surroundings. During the course of the morning's shoot you will hone your skills and eye as we work on composition and selection of camera controls for specific circumstances.

  • Saturday afternoon is reserved for review and critique of the images you have captured so far.
  • Sunday we will explore the Wynwood section of Miami. You will capture the color and variety of graffiti taken to the level of high art.

Stuff You Want to Know

How will we get around?

We'll meet at Understand Photography studio and travel by van to and within Miami.

Meals are not included. You are welcome to dine on your own or join us at a reasonably priced restaurant.

What will we be photographing?

This Photo Adventure encompasses cityscape, night, wildlife and streetlife. We will begin in the South Beach District and finish in the Wynwood District of Miami.

What skill level is required?

This photo adventure is geared to photographers of all skill levels. Every adventurer from beginner to advanced can proceed at their own pace. We strongly suggest that you take our beginning DSLR course if you are not familiar with the basics of exposure: shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

What will I learn during the Photo Adventure?

At every step of your Photo Adventure Joe Fitzpatrick will be at your side, sharing techniques .

We will cover:

  • Which of your camera’s exposure modes is preferred for each shooting condition
  • Which metering mode works best for each subject
  • Using the histogram to improve your exposures
  • How to take advantage of your camera’s various auto focus modes
  • Subject isolation
  • Composition
  • Filters
  • Advanced techniques tailored to your level of knowledge

What equipment should I bring?

We suggest:

  • DSLR camera or advanced compact.

  • Ideally, lenses to provide the equivalent coverage of full frame lenses from 24mm to 105mm. For “crop” DSLRs this means lenses in the range of 17mm to 85mm. A somewhat longer lens, 200mm might be useful for detail and background blur.

  • Tripod. This is a MUST for the night photography workshop.

  • A circular polarizer if you own one.

  • Flash. Pop up flash is fine.

  • Remote shutter release. Useful, but your camera's timer will suffice in a pinch.

  • Memory cards, bring them all! Batteries, you will need spares.

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