How to Create a Signature Brush in Photoshop Elements

Peggy Farren 2014-01-07

The brush feature in Photoshop Elements can do so much more than mimic a paint brush. Many photographers and digital artists use the custom brush functionality to easily add their own signature or watermark to the images they create. To create your own signature brush in Photoshop Elements, simply follow these four quick steps:

1. Open up Photoshop Elements and create a new canvas (by choosing File --> New). You actually don't need the canvas to be overly huge; the default size of 7 inches by 5 inches at 72 ppi will work just fine. 2. Ensuring that your foreground color is set to black, click on the type tool. Then, spend some time choosing the font you want to use in your signature. Once you've settled on a good one, type your name, your company's name, or whatever you want your signature to be. Make it big enough so that it takes up the better part of the horizontal space.

Type tool circled

3. Click on the rectangle marquee tool and draw a box around the type. Try to get your marquee selection as close to the type as you can. If you don't get a satisfactory selection on the first try, deselect it and try again.

marquee tool & box around text

4. Once you've got your selection made, go to the Edit menu and choose Define Brush Preset. When the name box pops up, you don't have to give it a specific name; it will work with the default name that Photoshop Elements gives it. However, you can certainly name it signature, sig brush, or anything else you'd like.

box around define brush preset

And that's it! To see your new signature brush in action, create a new layer in the layers palette. Then, click on the paintbrush tool, then click on the brush shape thumbnail. When the grid of all the brush thumbnails appears, scroll to the bottom and select the brush you just made. Choose a color, and click on your canvas to add your signature. Adjust the brush point size to make it bigger or smaller. You can use the move tool if you want to move the signature, and the opacity slider on that layer can be adjusted to add transparency to the signature and create a watermark look.

sig brush in action

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