How do you say goodbye at a wedding?

Peggy Farren 2011-11-06

The client has chosen a package with very limited coverage. You are scheduled to leave. First of all, before the reception even begins, talk to the DJ or band leader to let him/her know what time you are contracted to leave. Most good emcees will try to get the important events done before you leave. Nevertheless, it's tough to make a graceful exit!

The bride and groom are dancing and a bit tipsy. When they aren't dancing, they are talking to friends. They are oblivious to your timeline and it's time for you to leave.

If they are dancing, wait until the end of the song and touch the bride on her back gently to get her attention. If she is talking, wait for a pause but if one doesn't come, touch the bride on her back to get her attention.

Here are a few lead in lines: "We are scheduled to leave in ten minutes; are there any last pictures you'd like?" "Congratulations on your wonderful wedding! Do you need us for anything else?" "We are scheduled to leave, do you want to hire us to stay a bit longer?" "I think we've got every picture possible, is there anything you can think of before we take off?"

Don't ever just leave without saying goodbye.

A good wedding photographer is skilled at managing people. It's the hardest part of the job! You want to manage them with grace and friendliness. Always remember, if they like you, they will probably like the pictures. If they don't like you, it won't matter how good your images are - they won't like 'em!! Always remember - you are there to serve the client!

--- Peggy Farren Avant-Garde Images, Inc.

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