Episode 59: The New Lightroom with Joe Fitzpatrick

Peggy Farren 2017-11-03

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Episode 59: The New Lightroom with Joe Fitzpatrick

What is Lightroom?
- a digital asset manager for still images or videos
- catalog
- search
- storage with easy retrieval
- editor
- print, publish
- 3rd party plug-ins available for additional features
- compatible with Photoshop and other Adobe programs

Lightroom 6 (CC) is no longer available as a stand-alone version (CD in a box) and has been renamed “Lightroom Classic”
New Lightroom (Lightroom CC) is now a cloud-based program

New in “Classic”
- localized adjustment tool
- allows you to create masks using either COLOR or LUMINANCE
- significantly faster

New program (version 1.0) – “Lightroom CC”
- Cloud-based application
- Program is downloaded to your computer (and as an app on your phone or tablet)
- Files are no longer stored on your local drive and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
- Option to store some or all of your files on your hard drive for access WITHOUT an internet connection

Other Differences
- “Classic”
- very powerful program
- built on a 10 year foundation
- So MANY options!
- not particularly intuitive – big learning curve (Take our class to make things easier on yourself!)

- “Lightroom CC”
- easier to use
- not as many options
- no “catalog” options, only uses “albums”
- “Classic” plug-ins will not work in “CC”
- import choices limited
- doesn’t have new masking tools
- cannot manually add location information
- missing some features: panoramas and HDR processing
- cannot add keywords to search, BUT… Adobe Sensei (AI) recognizes objects within photos and allows you to search using general terms (ie. Car)

Photography Plan $9.99/month
- Photoshop
- Lightroom Classic
- Lightroom CC
- Spark -website design, stills, video: promotional
- Portfolio – web based viewer
- 20 Gig online cloud storage
** can upgrade to 1 Terabyte online cloud storage for $14.99/month (limited offer)

Lightroom CC Plan $9.99/month
- Lightroom CC
- 1 Terabyte online cloud storage

All Apps Plan $49.99/month
- if Adobe makes the program, you get it here

If you no longer want the subscription, your files remain in the cloud for up to one year. However, you lose the ability to edit them.

Alternative Programs to Lightroom
- Nothing else out there has all of the features or capabilities of Lightroom Classic
- Photoshop Elements (Photoshop Light)
- Capture One Pro
- ACDSee Pro
- Aftershock Pro
- PhotoMechanic (organizer only, very fast)

See you next week for episode 60!

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