Episode 58: Publishing a Photo Book with Stefania Pifferi

Peggy Farren 2017-11-02

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Episode 58: Publishing a Photo Book with Stefania Pifferi

About the Photographer

- Grew up in Lake Como, Italy with a father who was a photographer, editor, and publisher
- Studied photography (commercial) in Italy and New York
- Travels the world to take photographs for industrial clients (products, productions, factories, and the cultures and people in each location.

Colors of Naples

- Self-published photo book of Naples, FL
- Created with best friend and cancer survivor
- Stefania took all of the photographs and laid everything out herself
- Text was written by friend and describes the colors in the photographic journey of favorite places from South Naples to North Naples
- Showed book to Mayor of Naples - he wrote foreword

Why Self-Publish?

- Local book, not necessary for big publisher to sell worldwide
- More control over layout, paper selections, etc.

Options and Decisions

- Graphic design: designers can be found online (upwork.com) or if you are familiar with or able to learn InDesign you can do this yourself
- Printing options:
- Print-on-Demand Digital Printing
Not available in landscape format
Colors and papers may not be as rich as offset
Very expensive per book
May be a good option if printing less than 50 copies
- Offset Printing
Done in bulk
More copies for less money per copy
Able to choose from different sizes, paper thickness (needs to be heavy enough to print photographs on both sides without bleeding through), paper texture, paper coating, dust jacket option, fabric cover option, etc.
Many books sent to China for printing (3-6 month turnaround)

Selling Your Books

- Must have an ISBN and barcode - available for purchase online at ISBN.org
- Don’t print the price on the book or dust jacket - you may change your mind!
- Pictures that are easy to sell involve emotions, personal memories tied to certain locations.
- Locations where pictures are taken may have gift shops that may sell the books if you ask (ex: Naples Botanical Gardens).
- Realtors and businesses may want to purchase books for closing gifts or clients.
- Visitors and tourists may want to take home a book of beautiful pictures of the places they visited. (Naples has over 2 million visitors per year!)

Locating Stefania and Colors of Naples book:



Part of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Bosom Buddies a breast cancer support group for men and women.


See you next week for episode 59!

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