Episode 50: Camera Straps and Bags with Joe Fitzpatrick

Peggy Farren 2017-08-22

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Show Notes for Episode #50: Camera Straps and Bags with Joe Fitzpatrick

Shoulder/Neck Straps
- Camera-maker’s Straps (Neck Straps): free, no longer carried on neck - most use on a shoulder, difficult to remove from the camera once you’ve secured it in place
- 3rd Party Straps: OP/TECH , Tamrac
- Most have quick connect/disconnect
- Anti-slip shoulder material
- Different shapes and cushioning to contour to your shoulder for comfort
- Can also connect to tripod to help carry while camera is attached
- DOWNSIDE: not secure, especially for travel.
- Can be worn ‘cross-body’ for safety
- PacSafe makes straps reinforced with steel cable

- A leather or nylon strap that attaches to one side of the camera to help secure your grip on your camera
- Allows a better hold for a one-handed grip
- May be good for studio work
- DOWNSIDE: if strap is tight enough to be secure, it may impede movement of your fingers and make buttons more difficult to reach
- Camera still gets heavy, not a good solution for carrying your camera for any length of time
- Movo , TOAZOE

Sling Straps
- Cross-body strap that usually attaches to tripod mount on base of camera with a slide and swivel
- Good for walking - camera sits lower on hip than with shoulder straps
- DOWNSIDE: stooping or bending over may cause camera to hit the ground
- Swivel mechanism and connectors can be a point of weakness and should be checked and tightened EVERY time!
- Some manufacturers have implemented a safety mechanism to prevent loosening.
- BlackRapid , Luma Loop, SUN-SNIPER , JOBY , Peak Design

Camera Harnesses
- Distribute weight across back and both shoulders
- Able to hold 2 cameras or a camera and a tripod
- Good for hiking and nature photography
- Comfortable, low cost
- Easy access for lens changes
- OP/TECH , Rapid Strap, Peak Design, JOBY - all similar

Belt Bags
- Take weight off shoulders and move it to hips - (some have suspenders available)
- Clips on belt can hold different sized pouches for lenses, batteries, flashes, cards, etc.
- Peak Design CapturePRO , Spider Pro , Cotton Carrier Camera Vest , Lo-Pro, Think Tank

Shoulder Bags
- Weight is on one shoulder, sits at hip
- Allow ready-access

Sling Bags
- One-strap backpack style, weight is on one shoulder and back
- Gear is not in the way while walking
- Easy to pull the bag around for access

- All different sizes and styles
- Distributes weight on back and shoulders
- Lowepro Flipside
- DOWNSIDE: Can be more difficult to get to equipment

Rolling Bags
- Good for protecting equipment
- DOWNSIDE: Can get very heavy

See you next week for episode 51: A Photographer in Paris with Brian Jannsen!

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