Episode 27 Show Notes: Travel Photography ft. Rick Sammon

Peggy Farren 2017-03-14

Thanks for tuning into episode 27 of The Understand Photography Show!

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Here are the show notes for episode 27 of The Understand Photography Show:

Understand Photography General Notes

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Show Notes for Episode 27: Travel Photography ft. Rick Sammon at the F3C Conference

Rick Sammon was the editor of a photography magazine in 1978. The head of the magazine was also the president of the Marine Conservation Organization and he liked his work so much that he asked Rick to be the chief underwater photographer and the editor of the newsletter. Rick later became president of the Marine Conservation Organization and later designated the 7 Underwater Wonders of the World.

"Just never give up." - Rick Sammon

A reoccuring theme on The Understand Photography Show is that you have to be proactive and persistent.

"Be passionate about what you do." - Rick Sammon

"You have to be proactive and really really be out there telling your story every day." - Rick Sammon

"My specialty is not specializing because I do like to do it all." - Rick Sammon

The gesture is what makes things more interesting, especially in photography. In wildlife photography, it's the gesture of the animal; in portrait photography, it's the gesture of the people; in seascape photography, the gesture could be of the water moving in or out of the picture; in landscape photography, the gesture could be the position of the clouds.

What you learn in one area you can definitely apply to another area.

The catchlight in the eyes makes the eyes sparkle, makes the subject come alive.

Check out Rick Sammon in a t-shirt in Antarctica!

Rick and his wife are going to travel Route 66 and make a book about it!

His favorite places are Myanmar and Laos, and generally that area. Iceland is great for scenery, but is so crowded.

Rick's father always said, "If a picture is so boring that you notice the noise, it's a boring picture."

"Everyone watching should be so happy that they're a photographer because you see the world differently than non-photographers." - Rick Sammon

"There's a big difference between looking and seeing." - Rick Sammon

Ernest Hemingway said, "Never mistake motion for action."

Rick has what he calls a "one-picture promise." If you are somewhere and if you only had one picture left on your memory card, and you can't delete anything, what would that one picture be? If you think that way, you'll get a much higher percentage of pictures.

"You have to visualize; you have to know where you're going." - Rick Sammon

SLOW DOWN! Slow down and think about where is the direction of light, how is the aperture going to affect the background, what is the shutter speed going to change, is the picture going to look totally different with a wide angle lens vs a telephoto lens...

His book Exposure is coming out next year, which will really be more of an all-in-one book. He just released Evolution of an Image.

"You have to respect the subject." - Rick Sammon

One of Rick's favorite Sammonisms is that "We are a part of everyone we meet."

Rick recommends reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, Real Magic. We create our own reality.

"You have to believe in yourself." - Rick Sammon

Rick also recommends reading Bird by Bird by Ann Lemont, on writing and life.

Rick says if you learn one thing a week for a year, you'll know more than he knows! Peggy says if you read 15 minutes a day on a subject, you'll be an expert on that subject within a year. Rick says if you want to be an expert on something, write a book on it!

Rick suggests for aspiring photographers to assist a photographer - you'll learn the photography side and business side.

When you have your own business, be sure to have a good accountant!

In case you can't make it over to Africa soon, Rick recommends Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glenrose, Texas.

"Have some balance in your life!" - Rick Sammon

Contact Rick Sammon:

See you next week for episode 28!

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