Photography Equipment Advice & Reviews

Wedding Photographer - Equipment Needed

Wedding photography is often the fastest way to go full-time as a photographer.  It's fun, challenging and very rewarding!  If you haven't yet, please read my post geared toward brides on How to Choose a Wedding Photographer:

Photography Equipment Advice & Reviews

What's in my Bag? Nature photographer Barb DiMattio.

Introduction from Peggy Farren: I've seen Barb DiMattio present this as a talk to our local camera club.  She is so organized and informative!  I'll be featuring different types of photographers and asking them "What's in your ...

Photography Equipment Advice & Reviews

My New 100-400mm Lens and a Better Beamer

Practice session at Dog Beach. by Peggy Farren I've been a portrait photographer for over 16 years. I know a LOT about posing, lighting and managing people. However, until recently I had never been all that interested in nature ...

Photography Equipment Advice & Reviews

Which Photo Processing Software Should I Buy?

Here is a question that came in today: "I would love to get an educated opinion on software available for processing my pics.  I currently use Picasa.....mostly because its free and easy.  I am very computer literate, but don ...

What Camera Should I Buy?

There are numerous models and types of cameras avaialble. How do you know which is the right choice for you? Watch our video to understand how to make the right choice!

Learn How to Choose the Right Camera
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Choose the Right Camera

Our video discusses how to choose a camera. Understand what you need to know before you buy!

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What you need to learn to become a solid photographer

With a plan, you'll progress so much more quickly! In this short video, Peggy Farren will reveal the most important things you need to learn to become a strong photographer.

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About Peggy

Peggy Farren is an award winning, professional photographer, instructor, writer and speaker.

With over 17 years as a full-time professional photographer, Peggy offers photography training through her training center, “Understand Photography”.

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Essential Preparation Tips for Travel Photography

This free report will help you choose the right cameras, lenses and accessories for your travels. You'll need different equipment depending on where you are going, your finances, and the weight of the gear. We'll show you how to determine the best equipment for your needs. Also included is a comprehensive list on what you'll need, some things you may not have heard before but you'll be so glad we let you know!

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Essential Preparation Tips for Travel Photography

Many you've never heard before!

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