3 Day Mt Dora Ladies Photography Retreat Feb 4-6, 2015

Peggy Farren 2012-11-02

Wednesday 2/4/2013 – Friday 2/6/2013

Mount Dora Baptist Church

Have fun, travel and improve your photography!

$845 This trip is limited to five ladies single occupancy (we are not sharing rooms)

Call Peggy at (239) 263-7001 or naplesportraits@gmail.com

Join professional photographer and instructor Peggy Farren on a ladies photography retreat!

We'll stay at a fabulous, top rated Bed and Breakfast on TripAdvisor.com. We will not be roughing it on this trip!

This photography trip is limited to 5 photographers. We'll start with a basic DSLR class to make sure we are all solid in our understanding of exposure and shooting in the manual mode. This trip is planned for us to act as tourists and enjoy what Mount Dora has to offer, and also to learn and improve our photography skills. We'll practice and learn “seeing” and working with the available lighting conditions, practice basic bracketing, learn to really use depth of field for impact, and lots of composition techniques!

We have a lot planned but everything is close to each other. If you aren't up to something, you can easily walk back to our B&B and maybe order up a massage or relax with a good book. This is a retreat for you to enjoy yourself!!

Please note that this schedule is meant to be flexible. If the lighting is right or not right, we may change things around a bit.

Wednesday, February 4 meet at 3 p.m. DSLR workshop at our fabulous Bed and Breakfast 3:30-5:00 p.m.

We'll walk over for some scenic pictures of the lake at sunset. Bring a tripod! We'll learn how to bracket for HDR pictures and learn other landscape photography techniques. Get to know each other dinner (included)

Thursday, February 5

9 a.m. To noon Private boat trip through the chain of lakes and into the beautiful canals. Photographic opportunities are everywhere – with large oak trees and hanging Spanish Moss, birds and even a shipwreck! Included.

Lunch (cost not included)

2-4 Guided walking tour and photographing the city of Mt Dora Learn a bit about the history of Mt Dora while photographing cityscapes and beautifularchitecture. Sneak into a few antique shops while you are out! 4-5:00 p.m. Short break to process pictures and relax.

5:00 p.m. wine and cheese, sharing and critiquing photos. Lesson on processing HDR photos using Photomatix software.

Late dinner (cost not included)

Friday, February 6

Optional: 6:30 a.m. Hot air balloon ride $200 a person, minimum two people.

8:45 a.m. Walking tour Palm Island Park boardwalk along the lake for landscape, birding and nature photography. Bring a lightweight tripod for HDR.

11:30 a.m. check out of hotel Lunch (not included)

Afternoon model shoot with off camera lights.

We'll be finished with our trip about 3 p.m.

Silky water Lake Dora Peggy Farren 2013
Mt Dora Lighthouse Sunset Peggy Farren 2013
Boat shacks Lake Dora Peggy Farren 2013
bird photography Mt Dora Women travel
Mt Dora Peggy Farren model 2013

Mount Dora Ladies Photography Retreat - Stuff You Want to Know

Where will we be staying?

Our base of operations will be the Grandview Bed and Breakfast, 442 East 3rd Ave., Mount Dora, FL 32757, (352) 383-4440

The hotel is convenient to our various shooting locations. Our first day begins on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. at the hotel. Check in time is 3 p.m.

How will we get around? You will be expected to provide your own transportation to Mount Dora. We will walk to most locations.

What will we be photographing? This Photo Adventure encompasses architecture, cityscapes, street life, lots of nature.

What skill level is required? This photo adventure is geared to photographers of all skill levels. Our proven leader, 5 to 1 photographer/mentor ratio allows every adventurer from beginner to advanced to proceed at her own pace. We start this photo retreat with a basic exposure class – a refresher for some and a beginner class for others.

What will I learn during the Photo Adventure? At every step of your Photo Adventure Peggy will be at your side, sharing her techniques . Our ratio of a maximum of 5 photographers per leader assures that you will receive personal attention and allow you to learn at your own pace. We will cover:

  • Which of your camera’s exposure modes is preferred for each shooting condition.
  • Which metering mode works best for each subject.
  • Exposure bracketing for HDR photography.
  • Night photography techniques (maybe...)
  • Subject isolation.
  • Composition.
  • Filters.
  • Advanced techniques tailored to your level of knowledge.

What equipment should I bring? This Photo Retreat encompasses a wide range of subject matter. We suggest:

  • DSLR camera or advanced compact.
  • Ideally, lenses to provide the equivalent coverage of full frame lenses from 24mm to 300mm or longer. For “crop” DSLRs this means lenses in the range of 17mm to 200mm or longer.
  • A circular polarizer if you own one.
  • Flash
  • Tripod (lightweight - you have to carry your own equipment)
  • Remote shutter release. Useful, but your cameras timer will suffice in a pinch.
  • Memory cards, bring them all!
  • Batteries, you will need spares.
  • Chargers for everything.
  • Laptop with Photoshop, Elements or Lightroom installed. A trial version of Photomatix: www.hdrsoft.com.
  • Questions? Call or email Peggy Farren. (239) 263-7001 or naplesportraits@gmail.com.
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