2 Day Miami Photo Adventure April 13 & 14 , 2013

Peggy Farren 2012-11-02

2 Day Miami Photo Adventure

Saturday 4/13/2013 – Sunday 4/14/2013

Have fun, travel and improve your photography!

Pack your camera and an overnight bag and join us in Miami for a unique photo adventure. Surround yourself with the largest concentration of 1920s and 30s architecture in the world. Capture the color and variety of graffiti taken to the level of high art. Let your inner street photographer emerge as the glitz and glamor of art deco South Beach comes alive after dark. Then finish your day by turning your camera towards the spectacular night cityscape of Miami.

In the morning you will find yourself surrounded by the sounds and colors of the Amazon, Africa, Asia and Australia as we journey to Zoo Miami. The natural appearing surroundings and absence of cages and bars will allow you to photograph over 2000 animals as if they were in their native wilderness.

You will capture spectacular images of all this and more when you join Understand Photography in Miami for a 2 day photography workshop. Have fun, improve your photographic skills and return home with memorable images.

Experienced workshop leader and mentor Joe Fitzpatrick will guide you to his favorite locations at the time of day or night when the light is right. At each location Joe will share his techniques, enabling you to overcome exposure, lighting and compositional challenges. With his guidance you will learn to control the complex features of your camera. Joe's easy to understand style of instruction will help you to become the photographer you long to be. This trip is limited to five participants per leader so that everyone will receive personal attention.

The field workshop will offer you the opportunity to photograph breathtaking cityscapes at night, the unique South Beach area, the graffiti of the Wynwood district and a wide range of wildlife at Zoo Miami. Your photographic exploration begins at the Holiday Inn Express at 1100 AM on Saturday, 4/13 and concludes mid-day, on Sunday, 4/14 at Zoo Miami. Price includes one nights lodging, double occupancy, at the Holiday Inn Express, Miami Springs, FL and all admission fees.

Early registration through 3/13 only $275

Regular price $325 - 3/14 through 4/12

Price listed is per person, double occupancy. Single occupancy $80 extra, based on availability.

Call (239) 263-7001 or http://www.meetup.com/UnderstandPhotography/events/84076732/ . A deposit of $150 is required; balance due on or before 3/13/2013

Miami Photo Adventure - Stuff You Want to Know

Where will we be staying?

Our base of operations will be the Holiday Inn Express, 5125 NW 36th St., Miami Springs, FL 33166. The hotel is convenient to our various shooting locations. Our first day begins on Saturday at 11:00 AM at the hotel. You will not have access to your rooms at this hour.

How will we get around?

You will be expected to provide your own transportation for this photo adventure. We generally car pool between shoot locations.

What will we be photographing?

This Photo Adventure encompasses cityscape, street life and wildlife subjects. We will be photographing both during the daylight hours and well after dark.

What skill level is required?

This photo adventure is geared to photographers of all skill levels. Our proven 2 leader, 5 to 1 photographer/mentor ratio allows every adventurer from beginner to advanced to proceed at their own pace. We strongly suggest that you take our beginning DSLR course if you are not familiar with the basics of exposure: shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

What will I learn during the Photo Adventure?

At every step of your Photo Adventure Ed and Joe will be at your side, sharing their techniques . Our ratio of a maximum of 5 photographers per leader assures that you will receive personal attention and allow you to learn at your own pace. We will cover:

  • Which of your camera’s exposure modes is preferred for each shooting condition.
  • Which metering mode works best for each subject.
  • Using the histogram to improve your exposures.
  • How to take advantage of your camera’s various auto focus modes.
  • Exposure bracketing for HDR photography.
  • Night photography techniques.
  • Subject isolation.
  • Composition.
  • Filters.
  • Advanced techniques tailored to your level of knowledge.

What equipment should I bring?

This Photo Adventure encompasses a wide range of subject matter from cityscapes of Miami at night to exotic animals in natural appearing surroundings. We suggest:

  • DSLR camera or advanced compact.
  • Ideally, lenses to provide the equivalent coverage of full frame lenses from 24mm to 300mm or longer. For “crop” DSLRs this means lenses in the range of 17mm to 200mm or longer.
  • A circular polarizer if you own one.
  • Flash.
  • Tripod.
  • Remote shutter release. Useful, but your cameras timer will suffice in a pinch.
  • Memory cards, bring them all!
  • Batteries, you will need spares.
  • Chargers for everything.
  • For equipment questions email Joe at Joefitzpatrick@comcast.net. Include your phone number.

naplesportraits@gmail.com (239) 263-7001

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