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How to Get the Most of Out of This Site by Peggy Farren

At Understand Photography, our motto is "We Simplify the Technical". Our blog posts, as well as all our training programs and materials, are designed with that in mind. Meet Peggy Farren, the founder of Understand Photography, as she explains how to get the most of this website.

Our Trips and Excursions

Cuba, Everglades, Old Naples Photo Tour, Women Only trips and more. Peggy Farren and Joe Fitzpatrick will give a very brief overview of what makes our excursions so special.

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Photography Training

Photography Training

We offer simplified, step by step photography training in different formats.

We highly recommend everyone begins with our Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography course. This course is a live, interactive online class with lots of support! and includes practice assignments.

We also offer training through hands-on, in person workshops and private lessons.

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Tours and Trips

Tours and Trips

Join us for a short two hour tour, a day trip or spend days with us!

With the exception of our trips to Cuba, we limit attendance to five or six photographers per tour so that everyone can get individual attention.

We plan our tours so that every level of photographer will learn, have lots of fun and leave with amazing images!

We specialize in tours to Cuba, short Florida trips (we live here after all!) and Women-only trips.

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Product Store

Product Store

Here are our products and services, as well as trusted affiliates, partners and friends' products.

Do you need your camera cleaned or repaired? Would you like a custom photo bag created just for you?

Our classes and trips can be purchased here as well!

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“ Peggy and Joe are wonderful photographers with a gift for explaining things well. ”

Harry Hanbury
The Understand Photography Show

Live Show Schedule

Here is the schedule for the upcoming LIVE episodes of The Understand Photography Show! This schedule is updated frequently. Each episode is live on every Friday at 4 p.m. EDT. After each episode, we post the show notes right here on our website!

The Understand Photography Show

Episode 36: Gary Farber of Hunts Photo and Video: Photography Trends and Conferences

Peggy Farren interviews Hunt's Photo and Video partner Gary Farber to talk about equipment, great photography conferences, and the importance of getting to know your customers. Gary and his brother Scott currently have 8 retail stores across the northeast. They pride themselves on customer satisfaction in a business that has been family owned and operated since 1889, which is quite a feat in a society run by internet business and big box stores.

The Understand Photography Show

Episode 35: An Introduction to Mirrorless Cameras ft. Joe Fitzpatrick

Peggy Farren interviews professional photographer Joe Fitzpatrick as he explains the differences between mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. Joe gets technical in this episode as he delves into sensor sizes and dedicated pixels in an effort to give us a clearer understanding of the three levels of MILCs.

The Understand Photography Show

Episode 34: Nature Photography with a Purpose Ft. Bill Lea

Peggy Farren interviews professional Nature Photographer, Conservationist, and Author, Bill Lea on Episode 34 - Nature Photography with a Purpose. Bill and his wife both feel very strongly about the protection of habitats and wildlife. Bill brings his fascination with the history of an area into his books to help inform people and bring his images of the natural world to life.

The Understand Photography Show

Episode 33: Landscapes and Workshops Ft. Ed Heaton

Peggy Farren interviews professional landscape photographer and workshop host Ed Heaton on The Understand Photography Show: Episode 33 Landscapes and Workshops. Ed Heaton travels across the United States hosting photography workshops with his wife and most recently with his son, teaching others about creating provocative landscape images.

The Understand Photography Show

Episode 32: Creativity in Landscape Photography ft. Alister Benn

Peggy Farren interviews Professional landscape photographer Alister Benn on The Understand Photography Show. Show notes for Episode 32: Creativity in Landscape Photography. Alister Benn, along with his wife, gave up a traditional lifestyle to travel the world with his camera. He creates photographs that are not only visually stimulating but evoke the emotions and experience of his surroundings.

Photography & Software Techniques

Lightroom tips – Customize your Photos During Import

Lightroom tips – Customize your Photos During Import

The Understand Photography Show

Episode 31: Wildlife and Bird Photography ft. Diana Calleja

Peggy Farren interviews Professional Wildlife and Bird Photographer Diana Calleja on The Understand Photography Show. Show Notes for Episode 31: Wildlife and Bird Photography. Diana Calleja is new to photography, yet if you look at her pictures, you wouldn’t think that at all. She started out with a point and shoot and then worked her way up to a more professional camera. Diana then started to sell her work at art shows and became successful at it.

The Understand Photography Show

Episode 30: Sports and Travel Photography ft. Ron Wyatt

Peggy Farren interviews Professional Sports and Travel Photographer Ron Wyatt on The Understand Photography Show. Show Notes for Episode 30: Sports and Travel Photography ft. Ron Wyatt Ron Wyatt has been a professional sports and travel photographer for many years. He initially got into photography after taking pictures on his honeymoon, and finding out that most to all of them were out of focus! He decided he wanted to get into photography and learn how to take professional pictures. A local paper hired Wyatt after looking at some of his work. Little did he know that he would become a traveling photographer for the NBA.

About Peggy

Peggy Farren is an award winning, professional photographer, instructor, writer and speaker.

With over 17 years as a fulltime professional photographer, Peggy offers photography training through her training center “Understand Photography”.

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I am THRILLED with what I have learned!

This class (Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography) is great because Peggy explains things in a logical easy-to -understand way. Plus she shows photos to demonstrate the points.

Julie Pecoraro

Essential Preparation Tips for Travel Photography

This free report will help you choose the right cameras, lenses and accessories for your travels. You'll need different equipment depending on where you are going, your finances, and the weight of the gear. We'll show you how to determine the best equipment for your needs. Also included is a comprehensive list on what you'll need, some things you may not have heard before but you'll be so glad we let you know!

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Essential Preparation Tips for Travel Photography

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